At the GFFG, we believe that our strength comes not only from our members, but also from our Board of Directors.  Our Board makes all of the major decisions regarding the growth of the group and the direction our alliance will take.  Combined, our Board of Directors has over 200+ years of experience in the industry, and the decisions they make for the group are made as forwarders, with the best interests of forwarders in mind.  In other words, you can be sure that the Board is working for your interests.

We appreciate the fact that there are many freight networks in the market, and that you are looking for a group that will best meet your needs.  We believe that the GFFG provides an alliance of experienced, qualified, and quality agents who are well respected in their local markets; Agents who are keen to look first within the group for the right partner with whom they can jointly develop sales for mutual benefit.

Though GFFG is not an exclusive group, we do limit membership to 2-3 agents per country, with the exception of the USA, China and India, where memberships are regional.


All GFFG members have been providing top quality service in their respective marketplaces for many years, so they bring to the table an unparalleled level of expertise. With full staffs skilled in all aspects of forwarding and logistics, GFFG members are ready to meet and exceed your important requirements.

Need a shipment to move from Japan to Madrid, but you are sitting in Dubai? Simply pick up the phone and call your local GFFG member, or send an email to info@gffgmail.com and the process will be set in motion.


GFFG covers the globe. Via our member partners, we are able to provide service on any continent, in any city. Whether you are exporting to St. Petersburg Russia, or importing from Sydney, Australia, we are able to provide you with the quality service you require